Welcome to our new blog site!


We’ve set this site up to create a space to share ideas and news related to Transition Leicester.

The idea is that this will complement our current website and our monthly newsletters. The benefits are that we can put stuff out on the blog site as soon as we know about it, rather than waiting for a newsletter to come around (we’re very keen not to overload inboxes!) and that we can use it for discussing some of the ideas that the Transition process throws up.

We’d like the site to be open for anyone to contribute new posts and start new discussion (so long as they fit in with the goals and ethos of Transition Leicester, of course). Drop me a line on reevesie “AT” gmail.com if you’d like to do a post so I can register you as an author for this blog.

We’re not intending for this to replace face-to-face meetings or discussions in any way, which we think are really valuable for the community-building aspects of the Transition project, but hopefully a blog site could be useful for those of us who like a bit of online communication (and if you’re reading this, chances are you do!).

So, please do add it to your favourites and check in every now and then, and I hope you find it useful and interesting!

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