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It has been in my head for a while and I would like it to start coming out of my head and becoming reality. That is, an interactive Transition Leicester community website. At the moment this website isn’t even in the planning stages what I am looking for is ideas. Seeing as the people who read this blog, the mailing list and the wiki are really the target audience for this website I want to know what YOU want out of it.  So please contact

sampattuzzi[replace this with an “at” symbol]

with your ideas or post them as comments to this post.So far the ideas I’m kicking about are:

  • Transition blog (most likely to replace this one and integrate it into the site)
  • Transition forum with sub sections for groups
  • Transition static info pages
    • About Transition Leicester
    • Background
    • etc…
  • Event calendar
  • Sub group specific sub sites with:
    • Blogs
    • Static pages
    • Calendars
  • Sub group forum sections
  • group oriented photo gallery
  • Contact forms
  • Individual user accounts with optional pictures and bios (Maybe display a different home screen depending on whether a user is logged in. Eg show information about groups the user belongs to rather than general site information.)

Your input is really vital, please contribute your ideas.

4 responses to “Website ideas

  1. I think my thoughts are more about places to look for more ideas…

    … I reckon trawling through lots of Transition sites and stealing what seems to work well is the best way to start (that’s how I put together the wiki site!). At least for things like layout and the like…

    I think having easy to use and manage sites for local groups and issue groups to use is important (and for the sake of whoever does main website updating too!).

    Oh, and I like the photo gallery idea! Ideally something that anyone is free to post to again to keep the admin work down to a minimum.

    Erm… nothing else comes to mind – certainly nothing glaring that you’ve not mentioned above, at least.

  2. Hey, just logged on here and saw this and love the ideas you put here. Particularly it would be great to have the blog and TL sites as part of the same site so people are less likely to miss or forget about one. Also love the ide of sub-group forums. I know this isn’t used much but if/when that changes it wouldbegreat to have a site with capacity for more interaction. E.g. a resource area which people could load things up to (perhaps connected to each sub-group), links to a National Transition resource site if such a thing exists. One exciting possibility is to have an online forum site where particular ‘hot topics’ could be debated on-line at specified advertised times, with agreed facilitation. I’ve been involved in facilitating such things in other communities, if there is enough awareness of the site, and the topics are hot enough, it can work well. E.g. advertising 23rd June for 48 hours, facilitated on-line discussion on … ‘how do i engage my friends about transition’ or ‘diversity in transition leicester’ or ‘environmental scepticism’ … a thought for the future perhaps.
    Thanks for putting this thread out…

  3. Thanks for the comments, lots of very helpful feedback.

    @Emily H
    The resource area sounds interesting. I suppose you mean a place where files could be uploaded an linked to in articles, blog posts and forum posts?
    Also I like the idea about the discussion sprints. Do you think that needs a special system or could be done using a combination of the event calendar and forum? I know that online meetings are often organised in the opensource communities using a technology called IRC which is basically a group instant messaging technology.

    Some other ideas I was thinking about included:
    – Notifications by email and RSS feeds.
    – Using peoples Facebook profile to login.
    – Linking in with websites like Flickr and Youtube.

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