Ideas meeting on friday 8th May

Transition Leicester ideas meeting

Friday 8th May, 7.30pm, 20 Ingle Street , Leicester.

If you’d like to eat and chat beforehand then bring vegan food to share at 6.00pm.

At a recent steering group meeting we took a moment to reflect on where we are heading with Transition Leicester.  A number of groups and projects are well-established and many activities are rolling along.  It feels like a good time to find out if there are further ideas or new potential projects waiting in the wings.

Aims of the meeting:

To talk about ideas which we would like to make happen under the Transition Leicester banner which would move Leicester solidly towards being prepared for peak oil

and address climate change.

To see which ideas have people who want to get involved and make them happen

Hopefully even to choose one or more ideas and get going…

What we’d like from people coming to the meeting:

Ideas you are excited about and would like to make happen if there

are other people who want to work with you

A sense of how much time you could realistically give a project if it is fun and you are

excited about it and have people to work with on it

It would be helpful (but is not essential) to know beforehand if you are planning to come.

Also please be on time as we have a lot to get through and would like to start promptly.

For more information contact Zina on 0116 253 1649.

One response to “Ideas meeting on friday 8th May

  1. As outlined at the Food Group meeting held at the Transition Cafe we need, essentially, 3 things to help your calendar be a success:

    1/ Photos – don’t be shy and hide your flash bulb under a bushel!

    2/ A few people with practical leads – printers, formatting ideas, graphics skills, marketers.

    3/ Some eminent judges – celeb chefs / restaunteurs / gardeners, professors of graphic arts, botanistas! – the more photogenic, the better! You get the idea.

    Meetings of the Calendar Girls and Boys(!) Sub-Group will be held at every [[Transition Cafe]], from Saturday 16th May – until publication (circa mid-November 2009). ++

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