Dec 17th: Transition lighting a candle at Leicester cathedral for Copenhagen vigil (and a few other Copenhagen bits)

Leicester Cathedral is maintaining a candlelit vigil throughout the Copenhagen climate talks, and has invited local people and organisations to take a turn lighting a candle for one day during the two week vigil. Transition Leicester’s Anne Scott will be doing the honours on our behalf in the Cathedral on Thursday 17th December at 10am. There is a service there for ¼ hour each day during the conference and anyone is welcome. If anyone would like to go along to support Anne on the day, that’d be really welcome.
In our last newsletter we invited anyone who organised events under the Big Blue Weekend banner (that is the 4th ’til the 6th of December, coinciding with climate protests in London) to let Andy Brooks know, but we gave the wrong email address for Andy:  andycbt2000 AT is the correct address.
To keep track of what’s happening at Copenhagen, check out the COP 15 website here:
I also recommend this article by climate research Kevin Anderson, which makes the case that if we’re going to have a good chance of avoiding the worst impacts of climate change we need to be looking to get off fossil fuels in the UK over the next 20 years:

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