Local events: recycled bicycle art workshops and Ecohouse organic gardening training

Here’s some news of local events taking place over the coming months, including monthly sessions to make recycled art out of bicycle bits and courses on organic gardening at Leicester’s Ecohouse…
Recycled bike art workshops

I currently use old bike parts to design and make objects to be worn or used around the home. I divert these unwanted goods from going to landfill. More info is available on: www.creativeproblemsolvers.co.uk

Now you can get involved too…..I am starting to run a drop-in workshop at the leicester art organisation, 68 Humberstone gate, LE1 5PL.

It will run 10am – 4pm every second friday and saturday monthly. At just £5 pp its a bargain. Why not come along?

Lisa McCartney. 07590 299 671

Ecohouse Gardening Events

Gardening Course – January 17th:  Vegetables and Rotation

Vegetables and Rotations – Learn which plant families all the common
vegetables belong to and how to move them around your plot to maintain soil
fertility. In the EcoHouse garden we have two areas demonstrating crop
rotation, and demonmstrating that it is perfectly practical in an average
sized garden or allotment. One area is 4 seperate vegetable beds which get
rotated annually, the other is a smaller bed, some 5 feet square,  where
each of the four corners is rotated annually .

Gardening Course – February 14th

Explores water saving techniques, which vegetables are hardy and frost
sensitive, anbd recommended watering periods.

Both of these courses are run by our organic gardener, Rob Carter and cost
£7 for each session. If anyone wants any further information contact Rob on
0116 2220222 on a wednesday afternoon or 0116 2545489 on a Sunday, or
contact Richard Wakefield at the Ecohouse any time Monday to Friday on 0116 2220250.

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