Future Groundwork events: organic gardening course and visiting the Ecohouse

The next dates in the Ecohouse’s organic gardening course are as follows:

February 14th: Water and Weather – the purpose of this session is show ways
of saving and conserving water and how to manage a practical and efficient
regime for watering plants and the garden. It will also be looking at which
vegetables are hardy and which ones need extra protection as they are
sensitive to frost and the cold.

March 14th: Composting – in this session we will be looking at the science
of creating your own quality compost, creating composters and looking at
wormeries and comfrey presses.

The sessions are £7 each and run from 2:00 pm to 4:00 on each day

Also a reminder that the EcoHouse is open from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm on saturdays and sundays, and will start to open for longer hours after April 1st. The House and Gardens are open for tours demonstrating a wealth of good
practice which can be applied in any home and garden as well as selling a
range of environmental cleaning products and gifts. We also have a cafe so
even people are welcome to pop in for a coffee/tea whenever we are open. For more info contact: Richard Wakefield, Ecohouse Manager. E-Mail: richard.wakefield@groundwork.org.uk; Direct tel: 0116 222 0250

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