Monthly craft fairs at the Independent Arts Centre

News from the Independent Arts Centre, Fabrika, on Humberstone Gate in Leicester…

From this weekend onwards, there shall be a monthly Craft Fair held here at The Independent Arts Centre. The first fair will be on Saturday 6th of February, running from 11am – 5pm. The fairs shall continue into summer on the first Saturday of each month. Come on down and enjoy the wide range of items crafted for your pleasure. We look forward to seeing you all and please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.

12 responses to “Monthly craft fairs at the Independent Arts Centre

  1. Hi,

    Im looking to hold a stall at the craft fairs, can someone contact me regarding this?


  2. I am interested in trying a
    stall with you and would like more deatails please. How much is it for a stall?Is it well attended and advertised? I sell novelty ceramics


    Helen Boyall

  3. We love festivals and we love helping to save the planet! The eco products from our company Go Eco Store contribute to not damaging the earth as our products are eco friendly. We offer a range of eco products including recycled products, organic products, natural products and eco gifts.

  4. Hi please can you send me more details about having a stall at the monthly craft fairs. Thank you Mel Anderson

  5. Hi, we’ve recently moved to the leicester area and would be interested in the craft fairs, could you send us some details on dates and prices etc for 2011 We sell handmade cards, photographic prints and original artwork.



  6. Emily Leonard

    hey, i’ve recently started designing and making jewellery and was wondering if i could have a stall at any up coming craft fairs etc could you sent me any detail e.g times, dates and ctall prizes

  7. Hi,
    This is Fabrika The Independent Art Centre.
    We are holding a craft fair on the 16th July 2011 from 10am until 5pm.
    Unfortunately there are no more available stalls for this one but please feel free to come and look around.

  8. It was a great event with lots of interesting stalls. We popped in to give away 20 morsbags!

  9. Claire Davis

    Are these fairs still ongoing each month? As I would be interested in having a stall if so.

  10. Hi,
    I have the same question to ask. Are these fairs still ongoing each month? I would be interested in having a stall?

  11. I wonder whether someone could contact me regarding any stalls that are available as I am very interested in having a stall on a regular basis.

  12. i would also like to have a stall on a regular basis , can some one contact me , thankyou

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