Upcoming Community Harvest Whetstone events: 25th April, 23rd May

Sunday 25th April – Scarecrow Making and other activities

At the March social we’ll start looking at ideas and pictures of scarecrows.
On this day we’ll be making them and next month they’ll be judged.
Other activities that might take place include pizza making, making bags out of cloth scraps (to carry veg home!), sowing seeds in recycled cardboard tubes.
Please watch this space for more details.

Sunday 23rd May – Whetstone Pastures Plant Fest and CHW Open Day

Like in previous years Whetstone Pastures Farm (ie Anthony and Sandra) will be holding a Plant Fest on this day.
Community Harvest Whetstone have decided to have an Open Day at the same time. It’ll be a great opportunity to involve more people who are likely to be interested in our project.
There will be tours and talks about CHW as well as the opportunity to include some of the activities mentioned in the April social.
More details and a timetable for the day will follow as soon as they are available.

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