Local authorities acting on Peak Oil: Bristol Peak Oil report

This is slightly old news, but I only just came across it, so here’s a fine example of a UK local authority getting serious about the issue of Peak Oil to share with you all…

The Bristol Partnership and Bristol City Council have welcomed the report of its Peak Oil Study, presented at the Partnership board meeting on Thursday 15th October.

The study was commissioned by the Bristol Partnership and the city council to consider the implications for Bristol once global oil production has peaked and production is in decline. The comprehensive 108 page report spells out the potential impact of ‘peak oil’ on every aspect of Bristol life – transport, food, healthcare, public services, the economy, power and utilities.

Bristol is the first city in the country to take action in this way by commissioning the study, which is intended to be a starting point to help the city to prepare for the future oil crunch and the impact it could have.

The city already has a reputation as being a leading environmental player, and last year received many awards and accolades, including being short-listed for a European Green Capital award, crowned the UK’s most sustainable city in a Forum for the Future assessment, as well as being named the country’s first Cycling City. Recent figures released by the Department of Energy and Climate Change have also revealed that Bristol is one of the most energy efficient cities in the country*.

The full Peak Oil Study report is available here: http://www.bristol.gov.uk/ccm/content/press-releases/2009/oct/key-report-aims-to-tackle-global-peak-oil-crisis.en.

An action plan will be developed over the next three months and people will be asked to get involved through the Ask Bristol website.

One response to “Local authorities acting on Peak Oil: Bristol Peak Oil report

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    I’m updating a UK-PBF Forum website and want to include all UK groups [ there are now 185 such groups in the UK ]

    Your help much appreciated

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