13th September: Transition networking event in Derby, with Rob Hopkins

Announcement from Transition Matlock about an interesting event in Derby on Monday 13th September…

This will be  an event bringing together all the Transition Groups in our area. There will be a charge for the event as we have to pay a speaker fee and for room hire and refreshments. The final cost has not been worked out as we have not yet finalised all the details  but is expected to be approximately £12 to include a buffet meal.

Monday 13th September

o Location          Derby Centre location,  close to the Railway Station 

o Registration      4.30pm until 5pm for Networking Teas and Coffees

o Open Space         5pm until 6.45

o Teas/Coffees      6.45 until 7.30pm

o Food        Buffet at 6.45pm

o Rob Hopkins talk       7.30pm until 8.30pm

o Rob Hopkins Q & A   8.30pm until 9.00pm or more

So we get an idea of numbers please can you let me know if you are provisionally interested in attending this event.

helen.cunningham AT transitionmatlock.org.uk


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