August 15th and 18th: family events at the Ecohouse

Two announcements for upcoming events at the Ecohouse…

August 15th: Discover the bugs that have made the EcoHouse Garden their Home

Come and visit the EcoHouse garden on Sunday August 15th for the annual
Ugly Bug Hunt.

This event is a regular favorite in the calendar, and is a chance to
explore the garden and discover and identify some of the many fascinating
creatures that live there, from centipedes and millipedes to slugs and

The event is free, and starts at 2:30 in the afternoon.

August 18th: Learn how to make practical use of your old tetra paks and plastic bags at
a craft session at the EcoHouse.

The EcoHouse on Western Park is hosting a free craft session on August 18th
running from 2:00 pm to 4:pm.

We will use recycled tetra paks to make wallets and to weave placemats.

We will also be having communal activities where we will be weaving plastic
bags through chicken wire and also creating mosaics, the results will then
be displayed in the EcoHouse.

Come along and join in, and see what creative things can be made from your
old juice cartons and plastic bags. It is also an opportunity to relax in
the garden and have a cup of fair-trade tea or coffee.

Visit the EcoHouse and see how to improve your quality of life and
environmental impact through a wide range of practical and affordable
solutions, particularly in the areas of energy efficiency, the use of
renewable technologies and your own food production.

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