“Green Grub” Transition Leicester Cafe: 18th September

This month we’d like to give a bigger than usual plug to the Cafe. Over the summer we spent time exploring ways to make the Cafe and its activities more exciting and relevant to a wider number of people in Leicester. The result is what you see in the poster below: a theme for each month – tomatoes in September – talks and family friendly activities.

We’re keen to make sure that the Cafes are advertised as widely as possible and are attended by a larger and more varied number of people. Talk to friends and family about it and come along if you can. If you’ve never been before it’s a great opportunity to pop in and have a chat with other “transition-minded” folks while enjoying a home-made snack and a refreshing cuppa.

And if you think you’d like to help at this or future Cafes, please get in touch with Anna Leonard-Willliams (p.leonard-williams AT ntlworld.com).

As for the new name: we’ve tried to come up with something that sounds less cryptic than Transition Cafe. GREEN GRUB CAFE is what we’ve chosen, at least for now. Please let us know what you think and also share your suggestions for different names, if you have any brighter ideas.

Poster for the September cafe…

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