News highlights from other Transition initiatives and the Transition Network

A collection of stories taken from the Transition Network’s newsletter, including news of upcoming events, new books and more…

Local Sustainable Homes – A new title in the Transition series.

Our homes are a major source of carbon emissions and therefore of global warming. And they are poorly equipped to cope with the problems that climate change and peak oil will bring.

Diverse Roots Of Belonging Conference

The Transition Diverse Roots of Belonging conference invites you to come and share your work, explore where you come from and where you belong, and learn about other ways to connect with people in your own community and beyond. As with most Transition Conferences, we will once again be leading the participants through a two-day journey that will highlight specific themes of the Transition experience. Each workshop session will delve into one of the three main themes that we will be examining during the Conference: What are our resources? What are we up against? And finally, how do we work together to make the Transitions?

To help the programme team deliver this, we are looking for Transitioners with expertise in the following areas to run ONE workshop under each of the main overarching themes which would fall into one of three categories:

  • hands – Sharing good work
  • heart – Exploring Cultural identity and belonging
  • head – Useful models for communication/working coming out of work in different cultural traditions

20 – 21st November,  Edinburgh

Diversity Project: From Training To Action

The Bringing Diversity Pilot Project, run by Transition Network, is aimed at supporting a small number of Transition initiatives to develop a diversity approach to their work. Over the coming months, 13 Transition initiatives from London to Southampton to Lampeter will receive training enabling them to explore their own inner processes around inclusion and power, to find out what works and to develop action plans to be taken forward with support over the coming months.

A New Zealand Transition Pioneer reflects...

An intro (and a bit of a birthday honoring) to an extremely engaging article by James Samuel about the first three years of transition in New Zealand.

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