Weds 22nd September: Art and growing event in Loughborough

An upcoming event in Loughborough…

Beneath the Pavement: A garden… “How does the Garden Grow?”

Wednesday 22nd September 11:00-through the afternoon, at  Loughborough University

This creative gardening space began as a project led by artists Amy Franchescini and Myriel Milicevic, one of the ‘Building Green’ commissions supported by RADAR. The group of students, researchers and staff who have participated so far, now propose a continuation of the project in the form of a collaborative and self-sufficient development of the gardening space.

The group is looking to form theLoughborough Student Gardening Society to continue the activities of gardening on the plot, developing it creatively, in tune with the possibilities afforded by the different seasons. If you are interested in contributing to the creative transformation of an otherwise ordinary space then we invite you to come along to the garden to find out how to get involved.
As well as discussing plans for the new society we will be exploring different propagation techniques using cuttings from plants – – if you would like to share cuttings from your own plants and gardens, please bring these along on the day to share
with the garden.
No matter your level of experience, whether a beginner or a seasoned gardener, you are welcome to be involved as the group will learn through doing and experimenting in the garden. If you would like to join us on either day then please let us know by emailing AT

Refreshments will be provided on the day, but you are invited to bring food to share with the group for lunch in the garden.

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