Transition Stamford seeks workshop leaders for school events

There’s a great opportunity coming up to do some paid work with Transition Stamford to support their work with local schools. Info on the events they are organising is downloadable here:  Transition Stamford Low Carbon Family Events

They are looking for:

  1. community artists, stoytellers, performers who have a track record of climate or lifestyle focused community performances
  2. any workshop organiser, with a track record of working with young people, who can bring and use bike, treadle or human-powered equipment for making and mending – eg. food, drink, juicers, clothing, cosmetics, belts, gifts, fixing broken wooden furniture, fixing bikes etc.
  3. any workshop organiser who could introduce some short film clips (we have them) and could facilitate a discussion around them
  4. any workshop facilitator who can use the school cameras and video equipment with pupils and parents to creat some images and clips around visions, case studies of sustainability, local issues of non-sustainability, changes with their own lifestyle/climate change activities eg. visioning, wellbeing etc.

If you’re interested, please contact Adam Cade on adamcade2 (at) gmail (dot) com.

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