New e-petition for campaign to preserve Aylestone Meadows

See below for a link to a petition for the campaign to preserve Aylestone Meadows.

7 responses to “New e-petition for campaign to preserve Aylestone Meadows

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  2. The Leicester City plan for football club/field etc is not needed in the area suggested, and will be very disruptive to surroundings and wildlife. It will also reduce the area of natural countryside.

  3. my husband and I would like to give our support for the aylstone meadows to be left as it is.

  4. I have lived in the local area for over 15 years. I use ”The Meadows” daily to walk my dog as do many others. It is the most significant piece of open land within the city and should be expanded, NOT turned in to a football field. I feel strongly that such action would be a great loss for the area as open green spaces are well known to decrease stress. What happened to the ”Green City”?!

  5. I live close to this area & it would be sad to loose the Green Wedge & Wildlife that goes with it.

  6. liz colegrove

    wished to sign the petition against the ‘redevelopment’ of aylestone meadows. unable to access the website though,are there technical problems?
    with so many of leicester city council’s existing sports facilities underused, i fail to understand the ‘need’ to destroy this precious nature reserve. i wonder if councilor wann is out to make a name for himself,he is not winning favour with his arrogant @i’m the big man’ attitude.

  7. Aylestone Meadows is a beautiful piece of natural countryside in the heart of a big city, it is my favourite local place to walk the dog, it never fails to amaze me with its diversity and the ability to walk almost a different route every day. I fail to see how destroying this to add football fields would improve it. Having seen first hand what a football pitch has done to Imperial Ave park, I strongly oppose this change.

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