Green Light festival a big success!

Our first ever Green Light festival, which took place on Saturday 12th February 2011, was a big success. See below our first write-up of what happened – much more to follow via the Green Light website

For anyone interested in helping make the festival happen next year, check out our programme of events for Feb to May 2011 (via the front page of our website) and come along to an initial meeting on March 30th.

A short review from our post-event press release is below…

Green Light Shines on Festival Success!

Green Light Festival organizers deemed the inaugural event held at De Montfort
University on the 12th February a “cracking success”, as more than 750 people
turned out to share and learn about environmental best practice in Leicester and
Leicestershire. From eco-sewing to children’s games via debates about energy
conservation and sustainable transport, the festival offered something for everyone and many visitors will have taken away numerous hints and tips to make their local communities greener and more sustainable.

Organised by Transition Leicester with support from Groundwork Leicester and
Leicestershire and DeMontfort University, the Green Light Festival opened its doors at 10am with more than 80 stalls, showcases and workshops and closed at 6pm after a stimulating debate led by Sir Peter Soulsby, Councillor Gary Hunt, Geoff Forse and Peter Harper. The latter had given a keynote address earlier in the day focusing on how Britain could move towards “zero carbon.”

Andrew Reeves from Transition Leicester said: “The festival exceeded our expectations. When you start something new you’re never quite sure how many will join in; but we had tremendous support from a host of environmental groups and people in the city and county backed us to the hilt. Numerous visitors said to us on leaving ‘can’t wait for next year’s festival!’”

Mandeep Dhadialla from Art Attacks, one of the groups represented at the festival, said: “I had a great time, heard positive feedback about the festival – everyone who visited the festival at the creative room was pleased at how well received it was with a great variety of stalls, activities, entertainment and talks on offer. I made some new contacts and drummed up more interest for the business which is always a good thing!”

One very positive outcome of Green Light festival has been the range of new
partnerships that have evolved. Transition Leicester, Groundwork Leicester &
Leicestershire and DeMontfort University worked tirelessly to deliver the festival but other groups such Citizen’s Eye and Leicester Critical Mass were instrumental in making the day a success. At the event more than a100 people were involved as stall holders, giving talks, providing workshops and musicians providing live music. The festival also attracted 30 volunteer helpers leading up to and on the day itself.

Chris Shaw, Assistant Director at Groundwork said: “The Green Light Festival offered serious messages about sustainability and some of the major issues facing planet earth and Leicester in particular. But it also highlighted how keen local groups are to work together to tackle some of the problems we face. This event can really be a force  for positive change in the future.”

To see footage and photographs of the event visit

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