Sign the petition for a million climate jobs

The Campaign Against Climate Change Trade Union Group is launching a “People’s Petition for a Million Climate Jobs” on 26th March – the day of the big TUC demonstration. It calls on the Government to give “urgent and serious consideration” to the recommendations of the Million Climate Jobs report and lists its key points. It is backed by a growing number of MP’s and national trade unions.

You can sign the e-petition on from 26th March

Other things you can do to help…
  • Paper petitions will be downloadable from the same site.
  • Ask your campaign group, trades union branch, etc to formally endorse the petition and e-mail their endorsement to the address on the website. You could also put a link to the petition on your own organisation’s site.
  • Help us launch the petition by distributing publicity cards on or after 26th March.

For more information, e-mail Ken Montague,  CACCTU Petition Co-ordinator, at kenmontague AT

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