Report on Low Carbon Communities conference out now

The Communities and Climate report, ‘Creating Low Carbon Communities’, is now out and on the Low Carbon Communities website….

The report makes it clear that there are still many challenges to be resolved if the energy within communities to tackle climate change is to be mobilised effectively.

There is clearly a lack of funding – both capital and revenue – but there are other issues:

  • * Infrastructure to support low carbon behaviour change is poorly developed     * Other sectors do not understand the potential of community action
  • * National media have little interest in the community action agenda
  • * The sense of urgency around action on climate change has been lost

The report highlights ways to tackle these issues that were discussed at the event, along with much other useful information.

Chris Church, Chair of LLCCN, said “The energy, drive and imagination we need to tackle climate change in the UK is out there in our communities. But if those communities are to take effective action they need much better support from the government, from councils and from energy suppliers.”

Peter Lipman, chair of the Transition Network added, “The crucial, critical role that communities have to play in responding meaningfully to the challenges we all face needs far greater recognition.

The conference again showed how many communities aren’t striving to make small changes while keeping the basic structure of society the same, but instead are setting out to transform society on the basis of local communities working to create a more sustainable and resilient lifestyle for themselves.  To do that they’ll need much more support from government and others.”

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