Swap shop to become a regular event at Green Light Cafe

After the success of the Riverside Festival this weekend, we’ve decided to finally put our feet where our mouths are (is that the expression?) and make the Green Light Swap Shop a regular event!

We’ll be kick starting it again at the next Green Light Café 12-4pm on Saturday 18th June at the Bishop St Methodist Church on Town Hall Square, so it would be great to see as many of you there as possible to get some good quality swapping!

Bring along any old clothes, books, music, CDs, seeds, kitchen equipment, jewellery, toys, games… (you get the picture!) and swap them for something from the abundant pile of things we have on offer – you’ll be sure to pick up some goodies!

From then on it will be a more or less monthly event so it’s worth donating what you have and coming back another month if there’s nothing you want.

PLUS, the cafe’s a great lark! This month’s theme is Strawberries and there’s always delicious home made veggie and vegan food for a wonderfully small fee, a talk on strawberries, and a craft activity of some kind. There are always lots of friendly people around and it’s a great way to find out more about the Green Light Festival, or any other Transition Leicester projects and how you could get involved.


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