September 3rd: Apple pressing at the Ecohouse

The first of many events to take place this autumn using Transition Leicester’s Apple Press will be happening on Saturday September 3rd, organised by Greenlight MSC…

The Greenlight group invites you to an apple-press event at the EcoHouse and organic gardens on Saturday 3rdSeptember. The day will demonstrate the use of an apple-press and gives you an opportunity to press your own apples into apple juice and will run from 11am till 2pm.

Having delivered several successful events, Greenlight promises a day that will be enjoyable for all. “The apple press is a great way to use your excess apples, and the juice always tastes fantastic.” said Anne Scott a Greenlight Group member.

The Greenlight group are a local environmental community group that delivers fun community activities and are always warm and welcoming to all.  So come and enjoy a pleasant afternoon of activities or simply relax and enjoy a nice cup of tea or coffee from our Eco-café.

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