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Online Reading

Colin Campbell – The End of Cheap Oil
Seminal paper from 1998 outlining the Peak Oil argument
George Monbiot – The Last Straw
Recent article on the UK Government’s lack of action on the issue
The Hirsch Report
A major 2005 report commissioned by the U.S. Department of Energy on Peak Oil
The All Party Parliamentary Group on Peak Oil and Gas
This group, founded in June 2007, is made up of MPs and Lords from the UK Government.
Peak Oil Taskforce
The UK Industry Taskforce on Peak Oil and Energy Security (ITPOES) is a group of British companies concerned that threats to energy security are not receiving the attention they merit.
Energy Bulletin
An outstanding clearing-house for current information on Peak Oil.
David Strahan’s Website
Useful information for Peak Oil beginners and experts alike.
The Oil Drum (europe)
Publishes carefully thought-out articles discussing our energy future.
ASPO, the Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas
Authoritative source of Peak Oil information.
British site with lots of information and several good primers on the subject.
Peak Oil Blues
All a bit too much? This friendly site is run by professionally trained psychotherapists to help those trying to come to terms with Peak Oil and its impact on their life and plans.

Online Viewing

Peakoil Films
Links to the various Peak Oil films, documentaries and features available online.
Richard Heinberg on One World TV
A 7 minute interview extract in which Heinberg outlines the basics of Peak Oil.
Simmons and Kilduff on CNBC
An American video which clearly highlights many of the basic issues.
Rob Newman’s History of Oil
Some light relief with some oil history thrown in.


Richard Heinberg – The Party’s Over
Seminal introduction to Peak Oil
Richard Heinberg – Powerdown
Exploration of strategies for responding to the oil peak
Jeremy Leggett – Half Gone
An introduction to the topic by an environmentalist with an oil industry background
David Strahan – The Last Oil Shock
A highly readable introduction to Peak Oil, with a UK focus


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A Crude Awakening
Crude Impact
The Power of Community
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