Transition Towns in the media

Below is a very partial selection of media coverage of the international Transition Towns movement. For a more up to date selection of stories, check out Rob Hopkins’ blog here.

Courier Mail, September 2009
“Transition Towns project helps kick oil addiction” – an introduction to Transition from the Australian media.

Daily Telegraph, June 2009
“High noon on the high street” – exploring how the financial crisis is affecting two towns… one “normal” town (Chester) and one Transition town (Totnes).

Observer, May 2009
“Beyond Westminster’s bankrupted practices, a new idealism is emerging” – putting Transition in the context of what is happening to politics in the UK.

Idea website, April 2009
“Peaking too soon?” – an article introducing the Transition movement and focussing on relationships between Transition initiatives and local authorities.

The Irish Times, January 2009
“Placing a gigantic one-way bet against the planet” – a piece from the Irish Times on the huge risks our current approach to resource use is bringing for us and advocating Transition initiatives as a response

The Times, November 2008
“Transition: Gearing up for the great power down” – a positive introduction to the Transition movement with an international flavour

Guardian, September 2008
“A Peak into the future” – a very positive profile of the Transition movement

Christian Science Monitor, September 2008
“Communities plan for a low-energy future” – a great piece discussing the beginnings of a Transition movement in the U.S.

Building magazine, May 2008
“Rob Hopkins: Eco Worrier”– Profile of Transition founder Rob Hopkins.

Birmingham Post, May 2008
“Birmingham should become a Transition City” – article by Clare Short MP.

Working Lunch, BBC, May 2008
“Lewes plans its own local currency” – about Transition Town Lewes’s plans for a local currency

The Ecologist, November 2007
“Local hero Rob Hopkins: Transition Town Totnes” – piece on Rob Hopkins and Transition Town Totnes.

The Guardian, April 2007
“You are now entering an oil-free zone” – article on Transition Towns