Ideas for getting involved

Below you’ll find some ideas on how you could get involved with or support Transition Leicester. It’s not an exhaustive list, so get in touch if you have something else in mind!

Also, for specific roles that we’re looking for someone to fill, check out the Volunteering page on the website.

Come to an event
  • Our Cafe events take place every month, and are a great chance to informally get to know people involved in Transition Leicester, and talk about what contribution you’d like to make.
  • Or check out the Events page to find an event to come along to and meet people.

Join (or start, or help out with) a group or project

  • Look on our website pages on groups and projects to see what’s happening already. All our groups and projects would usually appreciate more help! Contact details are here.
  • If you’re interested in starting a new group (whether it’s about an issue, like transport or energy, or something focussed on your local neighbourhood) drop us a line to talk about it. We can put you in touch with other people who’ve shown an interest in a group on that issue or who live in your area.
  • For an issue-based group, a great first step would be to organise a public event about that issue, which would help to bring together lots of other people with an interest in that theme.

Organise an event

  • Have you got an idea for an event you’d like to happen? A film showing at your local community centre? A craft fair? A skill you’d like to share? If you want to organise something under the Transition banner, then you’re invited to do so!
  • We’ve also got loads of ideas waiting in the wings for events that we’d love to do but haven’t found time so far to organise – we can provide ideas if you’ve got the initiative!

Organise a film showing and discussion

  • We can lend out DVDs (In Transition, Power of Community, A Convenient Truth, and many more..) and equipment (projector, etc) if you want to organise a film showing.
  • This could be anything from inviting some friends over to your house, to putting on a film in your local community centre, to booking a cinema and inviting everyone!

Organise a Transition-themed talk or workshop

  • We’re keen to give talks about Transition Leicester to anyone who’d like to hear from us. This could be anything from a formal talk at an event to an informal discussion at a place of worship or someone’s house.

Donate some money

  • Transition Leicester is entirely volunteer-run so donations are really useful for covering printing costs, stall costs, room bookings and the like. If you’d like to support us by donating some money to Transition Leicester we’d be really grateful.
  • Drop us a line at info (at) transitionleicester (dot) org (dot) uk and we can pass on our bank account details, or you can donate at one of our events.

Learn more

  • Check out some of the links on our website or some of the news items on our blog and learn more about the issues we’re working on and how people in Leicester are responding.