Food Group

The Transition Leicester Food Group was formed in Spring 2008, with the aim of taking action to promote and create a sustainable and resilient food system for the city.

At present it is not having regular meetings, as its members are focussed on several projects that the Food Group initiated, such as the monthly Green Grub Cafe, Community Harvest Whetstone and the Apple Press.

But if you’d like to take part in organising future Green Grub Cafes, a meeting will be held soon. Watch this space or get in touch with Lucy Charlton on 07891 146768 or charlucy (at) googlemail (dot) com

Also, the group is very much open to new members, new energy and new ideas. If you would like to get involved or would like more details about anything to do with the Food Group, contact Dani Pattuzzi on 07746 459562 or dani.pattuzzi (at) gmail (dot) com