Issue groups

Issue groups are there to focus on some of the big issues for our city where action is needed to promote a shift towards sustainable living. This could be anything from food, transport and education, to using art or strategies for personal resilience to promote positive change.

An issue group would typically seek to:

  • raise awareness about the challenges we face and the opportunities for action
  • promote a positive vision of sustainable solutions for Leicester
  • organise events and carry out practical projects

At present our only active issue group is our Food Group, which has initiated three major projects to date, Community Harvest Whetstone, the Apple Press and the Green Grub Cafe.

Past/dormant groups

Since Transition Leicester started, we have had a number of groups that have held a number of meetings, but for various reasons, are currently dormant.

These groups included an Awareness Raising group, a Local Economy group, a Transport group, and a Heart and Soul group. If you have an interest in any of these issues and would like to be put in touch with people who have previously been involved with these groups, then get in touch!