In this section you’ll find what aims to be a near-comprehensive list of links relevant to the work of Transition Leicester.

They are broken down into two sections:

  • Local Links, covering information relating to the Leicester area
  • Themed Links, covering information on many issues such as climate change, local food and renewable energy

If you’ve got ideas for any more links that you think we should add, or if any of the links don’t work, drop us a line.

Our top 5 recommended links are below.

Transition Culture
The blog of Transition movement architect Rob Hopkins
Transition Towns
Central website for all Transition initiatives. Also home to the Transition Network.
Richard Heinberg on Energy and Peak Oil
Talk by Richard Heinberg which gives an excellent introduction to Peak Oil.
Future Scenarios
David Holmgren, one of the co-originators of Permaculture lays out the possible future implications of peak oil and climate change.
Green Shopping
Great resource run by Permaculture Magazine folks with access to books, DVDs, tools and other stuff to help you learn more about the issues and take practical action.