What is Footpaths?

Footpaths, Transition Leicester’s Community Carbon Reduction groups are designed to concentrate on what we can do at the local, community level and in our own lives. We hope to help you reduce your carbon footprint in a supportive group environment. As individuals we have the power both to have a direct impact on carbon emissions and to empower others to do so. By acting we also send a clear message to the government that we want them to act too.

Footpaths consists of a series of seven meetings covering the topics of home energy, waste and water, consumerism, food and transport. We provide a handbook which contains relevant information about what actions and choices you make that produce greenhouse gases, and references for where to get more information on this. The meetings and handbook create the opportunity for you to think about what your needs are and how to meet them in a low carbon way.

To read about the aims of Footpaths go here.