Footpaths groups

Footpaths groups meet every 2-4 weeks and contain 6-10 people. Each group decides where and when to meet to suit their needs and convenience. In these meetings we have tried to create an environment which will help us to make changes. This includes:

  • A stimulating environment where we can share ideas creatively.
  • The chance to talk about things we love which may be lost through climate change.
  • A safe place where we can explore feelings.
  • The chance to choose for ourselves what changes we want to make.
  • Information about climate change, peak oil and carbon reduction.
  • The chance to work out what will make the most difference to our carbon footprints.
  • The support of other people and opportunities to support others.

What we provide

  • Handbooks including information, worksheets and tips for carbon reduction.
  • Meeting designs including exercises, games and discussions.
  • The chance to think about what makes carbon reduction hard and what you can gain from it.
  • Facilitation training and support for groups.
  • Help in calculating a more accurate carbon footprint.
  • Opportunities to come up with plans and targets for reducing your carbon footprint.
  • A community of like-minded people to work and have fun with.

To find out what is required of people joining a Footpaths group go here.