Your commitment

What we’d like you to commit to:

  • Trying to reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Come to all seven meetings.
  • Do the 1-2 hours of homework between each meeting.
  • Be willing to listen to other people’s experiences.
  • Do a quick carbon footprint calculation at the start and end of the meetings and another one year later so we can see how effective Footpaths is.
  • For at least 2 people in each group to do the facilitation training and take the role of facilitators during the meetings.

To really make this environment successful though, everyone in the group needs to take responsibility for these things. This is why we have put the facilitation points in the handbook – we hope you will read and try to be aware of them. By noticing and caring about the underlying assumptions and interactions which go on in a group environment, we believe people become able to tackle issues and problems as they arise. This is useful both for the long term health and happiness of the group and for our society as we tackle climate change and peak oil.

As individuals we have the power both to have a direct impact on carbon emissions and to empower others to do so. By acting we also send a clear message to the government that we want them to act too. Footpaths is designed to concentrate on what we can do at the local, community level and in our own lives. We hope to help you reduce your carbon footprint in a supportive group environment.

If you would like to help make Footpaths a success go here.