To secure your place on either the full design course or the introductory weekend course, please:

Leicester Permaculture Course Registration Form

Payments required

For people intending to take the full 12-day course, please send either:

  • Full payment for the course
  • A deposit to cover half of your course fee

For people only wishing to register for the introductory weekend, please send either:

  • Full payment for the weekend
  • A deposit to cover half of your weekend fee

If you are unable to attend the course, deposits can be returned in full if you give us at least 2 weeks advance notice (this means receiving a refund of half of your initial payment if you paid the full cost upfront). Beyond that date, deposits may still be returned in full or in part at the organisers’ discretion, depending on the number of people registered and whether we can afford to!

If paying a deposit or full fee up front would prevent you from attending, then it is possible for a limited number of participants to pay on a month-by-month basis.

Making payments

To pay, please send your details and a cheque payable to “Transition Leicester” to: Andrew Reeves, 12 Bartholomew St, Leicester, LE2 1FA, or get in touch to arrange an electronic bank transfer to the Transition Leicester account.

Any further payments required will be collected during the course itself.