Permaculture Design Course 2012

“Permaculture is a philosophy of… protracted and thoughtful observation, rather than protracted and thoughtless labour” – Masanobu Fukuoka, Japanese Farmer and Philosopher.

The 2012 Leicester Permaculture Design Course will take place on the following dates:

  • 28/29 Jan (intro weekend);
  • 25/26 Feb;
  • 24/25 Mar;
  • 28/29 April;
  • 26/27 May;
  • 23/24 June.

If you’d like to attend or find out more, please click the following link to complete the booking form:-

Leicester PDC 2012 Booking Form

Venues and costs are to be confirmed, but are likely to be similar to those for the 2011 course, so check the 2011 course web page for information.

Please email Sam Woods for more information:-

sam AT

The courses will be interactive, friendly and fun. You’ll meet like minded people and learn new thinking tools and practical skills to enable you to become a permaculture designer. You will learn about:

  • Permaculture ethics and design principles
  • Design processes and tools
  • Applying permaculture thinking to many issues – from growing food to refurbishing your home

One of the most tangible outcomes of the course is that each participant will complete a design relevant to themselves with an implementation plan of when and how to carry it out.

The course gives you a Permaculture Design Certifiate, accredited by the Permaculture Association of Britain. On completion of the course, participants also become eligible to study for a Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design.

4 responses to “Permaculture Design Course 2012

  1. I went on the 2011 course and it was amazing! I met so many interesting and lovely people it restored my faith in humanity.

    I’m now embarking on a full diploma course and looking forward to spreading the word of Permaculture 😉

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  4. Permaculture and our teacher Hannah are inspiring. Those people who did the course last time are hoping that along with this year’s Leicester permaculture students we can form a Shires (we were drawn from Derbyshire, Northamptonshire and Leicestershire) Permaculture Community so that we can share skills, ideas and labour for each other’s projects. With this in mind on a couple of Saturday evenings during the course we’ll have social meet ups so that people can have a chance to meet and ‘network’.
    If you’ve already got a handle on permaculture or have done the course before you’ll be welcome too.
    Contact me at: louisesings(AT)

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