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Green Light Festival 2012 – Open Meeting NEXT MONDAY!

Monday 9th January 2012 – 5pm for 5.30 start – the Blue Room in Queens Building of De Montfort University (the Blue Room is on the first floor of Queens Building, at the end of the wobbly glass walkway then it’s the door on the right opposite the ladies toilets – call if you get lost!).

We, the organisers of the budding new Green Light Festival of Sustainability, would like to extend to you an invitation to join one of our core group meetings. With only three months till the big day (Sat 31st March), we’ve lots of exciting things to do and dreaming to distribute between our somewhat humble team of organisers.

We’ve drawn up a list of things we’d love to happen, and we’re open to suggestions from people who might be able to contribute in an organisers’ capacity. So if you’ve got the skills and the interest to help us out a bit, please come along and see what we’ve been up to and what’s ahead!

Call Jessie on 07969256046 or email jessicamarycooke@yahoo.co.uk to let us know you’d like to attend or for more information. Look forward to seeing you there!

February 4th: Community Harvest Whetstone AGM and 70s/80s Disco

Community Harvest Whetstone will be celebrating a successful year at its AGM on Saturday February 4th, which will be followed by a 70s/80s disco. Come along to find out about the project and opportunities for getting involved, and for a great evening with great food.

Venue: Stoneygate Baptistt Church, London Road, Leicester, from 6pm to 10.30pm

Timetable: 6pm AGM; 7pm: Drinks; 7.30-10.30: Disco with bring and share food

March 3rd – 4th 2012: Training for Transition in Leicester

Bookings are now open for the inspiring and informative Training for Transition course, which will take place at the Ecohouse in Leicester on Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th March 2012.

The course content includes:

  • All the information required to Launch a Transition Initiative, including gaining confidence in presenting the Transition Model
  • Inner and Outer Transition and learning from the experience of the wider Transition Movement.

For more information about Transition Training, see: http://www.transitionnetwork.org/training.

The course will provide an opportunity for newcomers to Transition across the East Midlands to meet and share ideas and energy.

Cost is £90 for the weekend, although we don’t intend cost to be a barrier for participation, so get in touch if you would like to apply for a place at a lower rate.

To register, download the form below and send to Sam Woods by email. If you have any enquiries, get in touch with Sam by email or call 07890 587 611.

Training for Transition registration form – CLICK TO DOWNLOAD.

Apple Day 2011: Saturday 29th October at the Friends Meeting House

Leicester Quakers and Transition Leicester are presenting their 3rd annual Apple Day event on Saturday 29th October from 10am to 4pm at the Friends Meeting House, Queens Road, Leicester.

It’s a family-friendly and fun event, featuring:

  • Apple Pressing so you can take away fresh apple juice
  • an Apple Expert to give advice and help on apple management and cultivation
  •  Leicestershire Apple Experts providing discussion of heritage apples from the county
  • Apple Games
  • Apple themed Food
  • Apple Songs

Please lend a hand with the event if possible. We need: Continue reading

13 Nov and 11 Dec: Transition Leicester’s Breakfast books at the Eco House

Sunday 13 Nov and Sunday 11th Dec 2011
From 11am to 1pm
at The EcoHouse,Hinckley Road, Leicester, LE3 6HX

Come and eat toast with local jams, drink tea, coffee and have a natter about ‘green’ books.

The ‘Transition Library’ includes books on: self sufficiency, green building, permaculture, organic growing, food preserving, peak oil, forest gardening, making compost….

Borrow a book, donate or lend a book and talk to other people over breakfast about what reading has inspired you. There is a charge for breakfast and refundable fee to borrow books.

Click the poster below to view a full-sized version.

From October 16th: Breakfast Books at the Ecohouse!

Transition Leicester presents the all-new Breakfast Books…

Come and eat toast with local jams, drink tea or coffee and have a natter about books. What better way to start a Sunday?

Transition library has moved to the Eco House. We’ve got a huge selection of books, magazines and DVDs on gardening, environmental issues, permaculture, sustainable economics and much more. Come and borrow a book or lend a book and talk to other people over breakfast about what reading has inspired you. Bring along books you’d like to donate.

Sunday 13th Nov and Sunday 11th Dec 2011 From 11am to 1pm at The EcoHouse, Hinckley Road, Leicester, LE3 6HX

Please note there is a charge for breakfast and a refundable fee to borrow books.

26th November: Footpaths presents a one-day workshop on how to eat low-carbon and nourishing food

Transition Leicester’s Footpaths project presents

Low carbon food

 A one day workshop on the carbon footprint of food, and how to eat more sustainably and enjoyably

 10-5pm, Sat 26th November, Leicester

For anyone who wants to learn more about the carbon footprint of foods we eat, and find sustainable & effective ways to reduce this footprint.

 Please book early as places are limited.

Suggested donation £5-£10 each.

To book or for more information, contact Footpaths on

0116 2899 074  or  footpaths@transitionleicester.org.uk


There’s a lot of confusing and misleading information about the carbon footprint of the food we eat and it’s easy to feel confused, depressed, sceptical or powerless to do anything different.  We’ll present some interactive games that help sort out fact from fiction around food footprints. However changing is more complex than simply knowing the facts. Food is an essential part of our lives; our everyday rituals, culture and relationships revolve around it.  During this day we’ll also be looking together at some of the problems people have making changes, from disagreements in the family to confusion when shopping, and helping one another to find a way through it all.

 Outline of the day

What makes up a food footprint?  An exercise to find out about the different components that make up a carbon footprint, and how important each one is.

Food fights:  When one person in a household tries to change, others may resist.  Explore easier ways to handle home conflicts.

The carbon pyramid: A game to discover the actual carbon footprints of a range of foods and learn why they vary so much.

Shifting our perceptions:  A psychological visioning exercise to help us get closer to the lower carbon lifestyle we aspire to.

Carbon budgeting for food:  An opportunity to explore the various ways someone might choose to eat if they were restricted by an annual carbon budget to spend on food.

There’ll also be time to find out about the Transition Leicester Footpaths community carbon reduction project if you are interested.