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Where’s the TL website? It’s hiding here… www.transitionleicester.wordpress.com

If you’ve tried going to http://www.transitionleicester.org.uk lately you’ll have not found much of anything. We’re working on the glitch, but in the meantime  http://www.transitionleicester.wordpress.com will work just fine.

If anyone’s reading this who’s a dab hand at all things internet and fancies getting involved with TL to help with our online stuff, your efforts would be most appreciated! Just get in touch.

New Transition Leicester website – your feedback wanted

We’ve just upgraded our blog site to make it into a fully functional website!

We’re still having some teething issues with the new setup, such as images not displaying correctly, and some reports of adverts appearing. Please let us know by replying to this thread or sending us an email if you’re having any problems and we’ll see if we can sort them. (It would help if you mention which internet browser you’re using.)

Also any feedback on new setup would be really welcome!

Transition Leicester news updates

Every month we distribute an e-newsletter (to 600+ local people), summarising the news on this page of the website. If you’d like to sign up to receive our newsletter and other occasional announcements (no more than one email a week on average) send a blank email to: transitionleicester-subscribe (at) lists.riseup (dot) net.

Alternatively, to hear about new announcements without any delay, enter your email address in the box on the right of this page to receive notification of each new news item as it is posted (approx 20 announcements per month) or as a weekly summary.

Call for website testers

After a long time in the oven the new Transition Leicester website is browning off nicely. However, before we subject normal users too it, a few tasks need to be completed that I just can’t do on my own. I have mentioned the new website in a  previous post and I got a great response from the blog readers. I’m hoping for a similar response with this call for help. It doesn’t matter if you have 10 minutes or a few hours to give, even a little time will help.

The first thing I’m asking of you all is to test the new website. I have done some testing myself and I have fixed some problems and have yet to fix a few but I need you to find more problems so that I can fix them and others will not have to stumble across them. To do this I need you to visit a page I have set up on the new site that details how and what needs testing. This page also tells you how to leave feedback if you encounter a problem; that is probably the most important step as a problem found that I don’t know about cannot be fixed.

The second thing I’m asking ties in nicely with the testing as it gives some real tasks to test with. I need volunteers to help copy the content from the existing website over to the new one. You should find all the information you need on the new website. If you find that information lacking, let me know so that I can fix that.

So, to summarise:

New Transition website update: your feedback sought!

Sam Pattuzzi is busy at present putting together a new more user-friendly website for Transition Leicester. At present he’s seeking anyone with experience of developing websites or in branding with a little free time over the coming month to offer feedback as the site is developed. Sam can be contacted on sam.pattuzzi AT googlemail.com. Message from Sam below…

Anybody who is interested in being involved in some brainstorming sessions please contact me about it. Bear in mind that it would be best if you had time between now and October to meet in person and take part in such sessions. Advice from people who are more experienced than me in organising such things would be really appreciated.

Work to develop new TL website

Following on from some previous discussion on the Blog about developing a new website for Transition Leicester, Sam Pattuzzi has started work on the project. He’ll be documenting the process as he goes along (see here: http://designwiki.transitionleicester.org.uk), and hopes to have the new site up during 2010. If you have any ideas or thoughts to share with Sam about the new site, or would like to offer to help in some way, then drop him a line on sam.pattuzzi AT gmail.com.

Website ideas

It has been in my head for a while and I would like it to start coming out of my head and becoming reality. That is, an interactive Transition Leicester community website. At the moment this website isn’t even in the planning stages what I am looking for is ideas. Seeing as the people who read this blog, the mailing list and the wiki are really the target audience for this website I want to know what YOU want out of it.  So please contact

sampattuzzi[replace this with an “at” symbol]transitionleicester.org.uk

with your ideas or post them as comments to this post.So far the ideas I’m kicking about are:

  • Transition blog (most likely to replace this one and integrate it into the site)
  • Transition forum with sub sections for groups
  • Transition static info pages
    • About Transition Leicester
    • Background
    • etc…
  • Event calendar
  • Sub group specific sub sites with:
    • Blogs
    • Static pages
    • Calendars
  • Sub group forum sections
  • group oriented photo gallery
  • Contact forms
  • Individual user accounts with optional pictures and bios (Maybe display a different home screen depending on whether a user is logged in. Eg show information about groups the user belongs to rather than general site information.)

Your input is really vital, please contribute your ideas.